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WillScot Mobile Mini is the undisputed leader in providing modular workspace and storage solutions. With this leadership position comes great responsibility to set the standard in Environmental, Social and Governance practices, known as ESG. Through our unrivaled scale, we are empowered like no other company in our space to deliver opportunity. 

And we're not your typical industrial company.


Our ESG Platform

Our future as a business depends on having ample raw materials, a stable climate, engaged employees, strong communities and stakeholder trust – while keeping pace with rapid change. These factors form the foundation of the Delivering Opportunity platform, which supports and enables our business strategy. In fact, we believe our ESG platform is one of the greatest growth drivers we have. As the industry leader, our opportunities for impact are immense, and they will continue to grow as we do.

Delivering Opportunity is a reinforcing cycle that addresses these needs and has purpose beyond profit.

A Mobile Mini container being transported through the woods on a truck.

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Our business model is inherently sustainable because it is built on the tenets of reduce, reuse, recycle. We're focused on further minimizing the waste we send to landfills and reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint from our trucking fleet. We're also working to provide solutions for our customers to enable higher energy efficiency and wellbeing.

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When our employees thrive, our customers and communities thrive, which helps us grow and expand our impact. We’re constantly striving to become a more inclusive and diverse organization, to provide our employees with opportunities for development and upward mobility and to be a positive influence in the communities we serve.

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Our business stands strong because we are guided by unwavering principles of good governance. Our commitment allows us to properly identify, prioritize and manage risk and operate at the highest standards of business ethics. We’ll continue to align our corporate governance structure to deliver on stakeholder expectations.

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