Building A Circular Economy

Our Approach

WillScot Mobile Mini has implemented circular economy practices for decades. Our office and storage units are designed to be reused, relocated, reconfigured and refurbished.

Our line of Essentials (the furniture and other items customers need to make both their space and storage ready to work on day one) is an important dimension to our circular story because we’re able to reuse, repair and maintain them between rentals. Our Essentials greatly reduce material usage for us and our customers, who otherwise might buy new materials and potentially dispose of them at the end of the project. Think of them as ‘built in sustainability.’

Our commercial-grade office units are cycled to different customers an average of seven times over their 20-year lifetime with minimal refresh or get ready before each new cycle. Then we give them new life through complete refurbishment, which can extend asset life another 10 years, allowing many of our units to be in service for close to 30 years. With the cost of a full refurbishment at only 20-30% of the cost of a new unit, it’s more capital efficient to refurbish our units, and it extends the life significantly.

Our most innovative office space is FLEX™, a panelized product in which the walls can be reconfigured and reused, thus eliminating wood waste.

Our portable storage spaces begin as end-of-life shipping containers that we refurbish through our best in class modernization facilities so we can put them into service like new. 

Circular by design, our lease-and-renew business model helps us reduce material usage, emissions and costs, while helping our customers achieve their ESG goals.

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