Building A Circular Economy

Our Approach

WillScot Mobile Mini has implemented circular economy practices for decades. Our modular office space is refurbished to extend unit life by nearly 10 years. In fact, many of our units are in service for close to 30 years. Plus, our portable storage space begins as an end-of-life shipping container that we refurbish for a second life as onsite storage. These actions help us minimize the waste sent to landfills and help our customers avoid building less sustainable permanent space. We’re targeting additional “reduce, reuse, recycle” opportunities to drive further environmental benefits for our company and our customers.

WillScot Mobile Mini also provides more than 50 configurable packages to supply the essential furnishings and equipment needed to make the space we lease fully operational from day one, including office furniture and supplies, pumps, generators and other jobsite necessities. We have a unique opportunity to collect this equipment from our customers when the lease ends and look for ways to reuse, recycle or donate, reducing waste to landfills and extending the life of these materials.

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