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Our company is the industry leader and the best place to work because our people never stop learning, growing and advancing. We provide a wide range of resources for both professional and personal development. We make it easy for our people to improve themselves, enhance their skills, become more engaged and effective and become stronger leaders.

The Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub was launched in July 2021. This platform offers a consistent learning experience for new hires, support and training on compliance for all employees, and a library of 6,000+ courses to provide continued learning and development for all.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Our foundational leadership development program, the LDP, helps our leaders advance their skills, business knowledge and commercial acumen to better execute our company strategy. The curriculum is designed around the WillScot Mobile Mini value proposition, which helps participants make the shift from an execution mindset to one of leadership. Since 2015, more than 500 leaders have participated in this program. 

The LDP was recalibrated and relaunched for WillScot Mobile Mini in October 2021 after taking a brief pause during COVID. A cohort of nearly 30 leaders completed the program and capstone week in February 2022 and another 30 individuals started the program in March 2022. We have two additional cohorts planned to launch this year. 

Driver Apprentice Program

Launched in October 2021, our Driver Apprentice Program builds a pipeline of qualified Commercial Class A (CDL) Drivers and provides development opportunities for candidates interested in becoming CDL drivers. To date we have hired nearly 20 new driver apprentices, with many more on the way. This new program also offers internal development opportunities for current employees to become driver trainers.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program is intended to allow employees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. WillScot Mobile Mini will reimburse eligible employees in pursuit of continuing their education through programs, courses and certifications offered by accredited institutions. We reimburse up to $5,250 each year per employee in the US and Canada.

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