Amplifying Impact 

WillScot Mobile Mini is an international company with intense local focus. Across the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, each of our 275 branches is deeply connected to its surrounding community. Operations become part of the social fabric; we help schools function, empower governments to better serve citizens, enable commerce, drive economic growth, facilitate construction, create new jobs, raise wages, train workforces, uplift societies and so much more. We continue to make efforts to expand our giving and outreach across all the communities in which we operate.

Our Core Four Causes 

We organize our community activities around four core causes that most align with our business purpose: Shelter, Hunger, Education and Health & Wellness. We have numerous partnerships at local and national levels to guide our activities. 

A diagram showing the four core causes WillScot Mobile Mini focuses on.

Driven by Our People

At WillScot Mobile Mini, our commitment to communities is enormous, but it starts small—at the individual level. While many of our community activities are corporate driven, others are employee-inspired and employee-led. We believe this drives deeper engagement. Our employees constantly deliver opportunities to help communities in ways that are meaningful to them. They select favorite charities and donate their time, talent and treasure, and organize teams to tackle specific community projects. 

A WillScot Mobile Mini volunteer group gathered for a group photo

Give Where You Live

We launched “Give Where You Live” on Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021. This program allows employees across all 275 of our locations to partner with local charities of their choice in ways that are most meaningful to them. We leverage technology, via a charitable giving application, to engage our workforce in this initiative. We encourage our employees to give their time, talent, and/or treasure locally to organizations furthering our Core Four causes of Shelter, Hunger, Education, and Health & Wellness. We have expanded our existing match program and have created a volunteer rewards program to encourage volunteerism globally. During the first few months following our launch, we had more than 600 donors support more than 300 causes with over $57,000. To date, we’ve tracked nearly 800 volunteer hours through the platform.

Additionally, our Inclusiveness Resource Teams (IRTs) support our community-focused values by raising funds on the platform and providing volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to the populations that they represent. As an example, our BOLD IRT recently raised over $5,000 for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change as part of its Black History Month activities. 

WillScot Mobile Mini volunteers working at a food bank.

Minions of Kindness (MoK)

Our employees are doing their part to support each other as well. The Minions of Kindness Fund is an employee-led 501(c)(3) organization that uses employee donations to support our employees in times of distress. The fund offers our employees the opportunity to come together and make a difference for those in need. Since its inception in 2012, the fund has provided monetary aid to over 160 employees.

There are many ways to support the MoK Fund such as payroll deductions and one-time contributions. When an employee has a dire need, they complete a request for assistance form found at All requests are handled in a confidential manner.

MOK Members accepting a check

Featured Community Partnerships


Habitat for Humanity

This 15+ year partnership combines in-kind donations and monetary support to help families build and improve places to call home. Branches can make an impact with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates by donating containers for up to seven months during a neighborhood build. To date, we have delivered just under $8 million in value to Habitat for Humanity, and we are committed to our future as partners.

WillScot Mobile Mini volunteers working with Habitat for Humanity.


We have supported Playworks for over nine years in a variety of volunteer opportunities. Playworks teaches kids the social and emotional power of safe and healthy play. Two employees currently serve on the Advisory Board of Playworks, Arizona, and we have raised over $116,000 through multiple fundraisers. Specifically, the 2020 Anti-Bullying Challenge raised almost $67,000 for the local and national organizations.

A group photo of Playworks AZ group members outside.

Operation Gratitude—Letter Writing Campaign

Our employees wrote letters to military service members and first responders in 2021, expressing gratitude for their sacrifices and heroism. We sent more than 800 letters and provided a $2,500 donation to Operation Gratitude.

A pile of illustrated letters to military service members.

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