Innovating for Good

Our Approach

We are constantly developing new solutions to help our customers improve their businesses and be better corporate citizens. From our patented Tri-Cam Locking System® for portable storage units, to our unmatched FLEX™ modular office space, we are the industry’s most innovative partner in reducing material usage, boosting energy efficiency, improving occupant wellness, and driving sustainable economic growth.

Innovating to Solve COVID-19 Challenges

Our response to extraordinary and evolving customer requirements during the pandemic provides compelling examples of our innovation in action.

A group of modular offices outside of a building.

Making it Safe with Mobile Space

Our units fill a variety of urgent needs, helping businesses stay operational throughout the pandemic. For example, modular space has been used as an isolated facility to screen employees and visitors before they enter the main workplace.

Medical workers in hazard gear leaving a WillScot modular space.

Ready to Mobilize

Within three days from the initial call, we developed and delivered six COVID testing locations for Sloan Kettering in New Jersey and New York.

A potential view of what a WillScot FLEX modular space would look like with medical equipment.

FLEX™ Answers the Call

Our revolutionary FLEX™ solution was used to quickly fill the escalating need for additional capacity at healthcare facilities.

COVID-19 Rapid Response in Action

See how we helped a biopharmaceutical company expand its space quickly to ramp up for new drug development.

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