Our Employees

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to our human capital initiatives. Our employee value proposition is simple: every day our employees deliver excellent service to our customers, and we are committed to delivering an employee experience that creates opportunity and ensures dignity for every employee.

Employee Engagement

We are committed to keeping our employees informed and engaged in company news and events while helping them connect to our strategy and values. We share information through a range of channels and actively engage with our employees in topics that impact their experiences at work. Employee feedback is leveraged to shape policies, processes and other aspects of our workplace.

In October 2021, we conducted our first combined company Engagement Survey after the WillScot Mobile Mini merger. Roughly two-thirds of our employee population participated in the survey. Results were positive, with an overall engagement score of 74%. Given the information we received through the survey, we have launched several projects to enhance our business around areas of opportunity, including “Project Fusion”, which focuses on enhancements to our CRM application, career mapping to show employees the possibilities for their career, and our “Give Where You Live” program, which provides employees opportunities to give their time, talent or treasure to local organizations.

WillScot Mobile Mini employees in a classroom

Rewards, Health and Wellbeing

We crafted our Total Rewards strategy with a focus on the health and wellbeing of our employees. We do this, in part, by ensuring competitive pay at every level of the organization. We employ internationally-recognized human capital consultant data to set and maintain pay ranges and pay levels across the organization.

Our benefits begin with a centralized focus on the employee. We use High Deductible Healthcare Plans to promote positive consumer behaviors and pay 70% of the cost of employee premiums. We mitigate the burden to employees from these plans by seeding employees’ Health Savings Accounts (HSA) at the beginning of the year, covering between 35% and 50% of employees’ deductibles. We also provide a biometric screening incentive in the form of an additional HSA contribution. 

A WillScot Mobile Mini employee working on a mobile office trailer

We have an Employee Assistance Program that includes a partnership with BetterHelp to provide counseling sessions for employees as they feel the need. We’ve begun the process of introducing a partnership with a third-party online platform to provide wellness activities, classes and contests for employees and their families, as well as targeted programs to support employees in managing Diabetes and Musculoskeletal injuries. 

We also offer several ways for employees to feel prepared financially, including a 401(k) plan with a 4.5% employer match on the first 6% of earnings employees contribute. We also offer educational services employees can use to strengthen their financial acumen. In the United States, we provide short-term disability pay at 100% of annualized wages for approved cases, and support can last up to 26 weeks. We offer paid parental leave for those employees who expand their families, as well. 

We launched “Ready to Go”, an enterprise-wide recognition platform, at the end of 2021. This interactive program allows employees to recognize one another in real time for working in accordance with our values and going above and beyond. Since its launch, we’ve seen over half of employees enroll in the program, and they have issued over 10,000 recognitions.

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